Meet Kymy

Welcome to my newest blogging adventure!  I am not new to the world of blogging by any means, as I have been doing it in the sewing world with Everything Your Mama Made & More!  for the last decade, but this is my first shot in the food realm.

I am a married 30 something mom of 5 who works from home and spends the rest of my free time volunteering either at my kids schools or on the youth soccer fields.  I have also been interested in a balance of homesteading and our always on the go lifestyle. Even more then a year in I still feel rather new to all this celiac thing.

As the granddaughter of a baker, when I got my celiacs diagnosis I refused to settle for ‘palatable’ just because I couldn’t have gluten any more. I started this blog to share celiac friendly, gluten-free recipes, inspired by my family recipes.


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