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Making Bread Machine Recipes without the Machine

Unfortunately while many manufacturers have started adding gluten free cycle buttons to their machines, they haven’t done their research or they would know that gluten free yeast breads do NOT need or like multiple kneads/rises. With gluten free flours this leads to dense, brick like breads that many find inedible.

After the first machine purchase fail and some more research my husband purchased me a Zojirushi machine with custom settings for Christmas and it was a total game changer! We are a busy family of 7, so we go through a bread and often don’t have a lot of free time at home, so for us the ease of use (dump and forget) of the higher end breadmaker was worth it because of the long term savings over store bought.

That being said I know some people either can’t afford the few higher end machines with custom or proper gluten free settings, or have the time to make/watch bread at home so I wanted to share some generic directions for making most bread machine recipes at home with a stand mixer with a paddle attachment. Unfortunately because of the stickiness of gluten free dough it doesn’t work to hand knead because of the flour that is added to keep working with it.

To make using a stand mixer instead of bread maker….

-Put all warm (110°F) we ingredients in bowl with paddle and mix on high for 1 minutes beating air into the eggs.

-Add dry ingredients including yeast. Slowly turn the speed up to medium high and allow to knead for 5 minutes.

-Grease only the BOTTOM of the loaf pan and the spoon being used to remove the dough. Put the dough in the loaf pan and level the top.

-Cut a 3/4″ deep line down the center of the loaf. Allow to rise in a warm area for 40 with instant yeast, 60 with active.

-Covering with foil for the first half, Bake at 325°F until the internal temp reaches 200-210°F, approximately 60 minutes.

Times and temps will vary slightly, but internal temp tells you when it’s done. Make sure to check it often around the 50 minute mark the first time you bake it in your own oven.

Kymy - Not Your Grandmas Kitchen

As the granddaughter of a baker, when I got my celiacs diagnosis I refused to settle for 'palatable' just because I couldn't have gluten any more. I started this blog to share celiac friendly, gluten-free recipes, inspired by my family recipes. I am a busy mom of 5 who is balancing a new gluten free lifestyle that is a mix of homesteading and on the go friendly.

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